Monday, February 25, 2013

Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices – Webinar series from WATAP and the Access Fund

Please join WATAP, the Access Fund, and Steve Hillson, Manager of the Hearing Speech and Deafness Center, as he discusses assistive listening devices and hearing aids.

Assistive listening devices and hearing aids are often thought of separately. However, as hearing aid technology advances, the trend is for assistive listening devices to merge with hearing aids. The goal of this presentation is to show how significantly ALDs can enhance hearing aid success.

Register now for a free webinar on Thursday, March 21st at 10 o’clock by emailing:, or by phone at: 800 214-8731. Once you have registered, we will provide you with a link to attend the webinar and call-in information. This webinar will be captioned.

Friday, February 22, 2013

AAC Serving Non-speakers in Medical Settings: Quick Strategies with and without technology - EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION EXTENDED!!!

Early Bird Registration has been extended one week! Register by Friday, March 8th to receive this discount!

The University of Washington

Speech & Hearing Sciences
Center for Technology & Disability Studies
Are co-sponsoring a Workshop

Friday March 22, 2013
7273 Linderson Way SW
Labor & Industries Auditorium
Tumwater, WA 98501
Full day course offering 0.6 CEUs from ASHA

Student scholarships and discounts for SLPs in their CF year will be available during early bird registration

AAC Serving Non-speakers in Medical Settings: Quick Strategies with and without technology

This one-day workshop will focus on serving non-speaking adults, teens and youth in medical settings, ranging from intensive care to rehabilitation and long-term care. Particular emphasis will be given to serving individuals who have lost communication abilities due to traumatic brain injury, stroke, cancer, or degenerative disease. Addressing the Joint Commission Standard RI.2.100 which requires that the organization "respects the patient's right to and need for effective communication," this course begins with oral strategies but quickly moves to aided communication with and without technology.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe three broad categories of AAC referrals in a medical setting.
  • Design an AAC Toolkit of materials that will provide the basic tools for serving most patients.
  • Convert an ordinary laptop computer into a Speech Generating Device (SGD) that will suffice for some patients with good hand control.
  • Describe several low-tech and no-tech strategies that can be set up quickly for some patients with severe motor impairments.
  • Use Features-based approach to describe and recommend either traditional AAC devices or new mobile devices with apps.
  • Explain the SLPs changing role in AAC with new technology.
Patricia Dowden, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Speech & Hearing Sciences at the University of Washington. She has been teaching, researching and providing clinical services to children and adults with complex needs for over 30 years.

This course is offered for 0.6 CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

WA Assistive Technology Workshop - Bringing Technology and Users Together

This exciting workshop will focus on Assistive and Information Technology and the emerging best practices on using technology to promote independence, communication, productivity and inclusion.

In addition to presentations by regional experts, there will be small group demonstrations and hands-on experiences, as well as panel discussions about the next steps to incorporate AT and IT. Please feel free to bring your own electronic devices.

The workshop is intended for residential and vocational providers, VR and transition specialists in Washington State. Participants will learn:
  • How is technology being used by people with developmental disabilities?
  • How can employment & residential agencies promote the use of AT and IT?
  • What equipment, devices and apps are people finding helpful?
Clock hours for teachers and CEUs for VR staff are available

Registration is FREE!

March 25, 2013, 9 am to 4 pm
Spokane Community College, Spokane, WA
Register for Spokane

April 17, 2013, 9 am to 4 pm
Pierce Co. Environmental Sciences Building, Tacoma, WA
Register for Tacoma

If you need registration assistance, contact:

Presenters Include:
John Lemus - Skils’Kin
Veronica Cook - Shoreline School District
Marsha Threlkeld - WiSe
Francisco Felan - DVR AT Coordinator (Spokane only)
Bill Youngman - DVR AT Coordinator (Tacoma only)
Maria Kelley - WA Assistive Technology Act Program
WA Access Fund