Thursday, December 2, 2010

We Want to Know: What's Your Favorite App?

iPad with Apps
There are a lot of apps out there that are fun or interesting for a brief period of time but don’t make it into the permanent collection. However, there are some among the throw away apps that can have great benefits, including just being fun, and they aren’t always the most expensive ones. We want to know about your favorite app. Where did it come from? How much did it cost? What purpose does it serve? Do you know about its accessibility? We will review responses and do some digging of our own to find out more about the apps that you are using. Keep posted for our follow up blog discussing some of these apps more in depth.


  1. My favorite app is Angry Birds by Rovio. It's free from the Android market and is also available for the iPhone and Palm. Angry Birds is a mobile game that utilizes both skill and logic to break the fortresses of the pigs who have kidnapped the birds eggs. I'm not sure about it's accessibility, but it does provide hours of fun and perhaps some stress relief.

  2. One really cool appp is VoCal (vocal reminders). This app makes it super quick and easy to turn voice notes into calendar events. This is a great app for people with problems reading or writing - or people who need an easy way to remind themselves of stuff they need to do. Cheap too, less than five bucks for the full version. Check it out:

  3. Here's another app I think is great, but I have not tried it yet: Wake Me Up (GPS Alarm Clock). Have you ever dozed off (or zoned out)on the bus and missed your stop? Well with this app you set the location and doze away. When you reach your spot, your iPhone starts buzzing and ringing to wake you - just in time to pull the cord and stop the bus!

  4. Thanks for sharing these!
    @Gaby, fun and stress relief are definately important.
    @Bill, the VoCal app looks pretty simple to use. Do you know how accurately it records voice notes? The Wake Me Up app seems like it would also be great for people who are trying to learn bus routes/stops.
    We'll be looking into these further.

  5. Plain Text & Dropbox: free in the Apple App Store

    This is self-explanatory. It’s a text editor for the I devices. Create documents to be synced with your dropbox account (also free in the App Store.) Both are accessible. Take notes on your device and have them show up immediately in your Dropbox without having to email them or otherwise direct them. It’s a must have pair of apps.

    Deb Cook

  6. Dragon Dictate: Free in the Apple Itunes Store

    This app alternates between being very accessible and extremely inaccessible so be careful if this matters.

    Voice recognition is done in the cloud so there’s a slight delay, but accuracy is generally very good even with reasonable background noise. Edit your text in Notes or in an editor such as Plain Text. You can then email it, tweet or post to Facebook. Very handy app if you do not have a keyboard, need to or just prefer to dictate.

    Deb Cook, WATAP Director