Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Accessible Gaming

Stress relieving apps should never be taken for granted particularly in today’s hectic world. Angry Birds was suggested as a favorite app for stress relief and if virtually throwing angry birds at smug pigs is calming to you, this might serve you well. Although Angry Birds is a fun and simple game it does require visual acuity and fine motor skills to play. If you are blind, low vision or just seeking an audio game you can try Papa Sangre. This app is available in the Apple iTunes Apps Store for $6.99. It’s a must have if you play adventure games. The iPhone is noted for supporting audio gaming, and this is top of the line.
You must work your way to the palace of Papa Sangre. Along the way you’ll meet evil hogs who will eat you, a maiden in distress, items to collect and bring along, and a host of adventures. You’ll travel on snow and ice, rough surfaces, over water and others. Oh and you’ll do it in the dark. But you’ll have a wealth of voice coaching and illustrative sounds to assist you.

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