Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Android Accessibility Features

Earlier this month the IDEAL Group subsidiary, Apps4Android, announced the release of Accessibility Application Installers® and Best Voices for Android®. What does this mean? This means that consumers who have purchased an Android smart device have the ability to download and install additional third-party accessibility applications that could improve your experience with the devices' built in accessibility features.

Accessibility Application Installers® allow you to easily adjust the existing accessibility settings and add additional accessibility applications such as a talking email client, video magnifier, accessible music player and GPS navigation aids. For use with text-to-speech applications, Best Voices for Android® allows you to easily comparison shop for SVOX Pico voices with a variety of language choices.

These applications are tailored per carrier and per version of the Android Operating System, so consequently not all options will be available depending upon the your phone's configuration. Despite this, the installer will walk you through the process of downloading and installing the Accessibility Application and will assist in setting up the device with the most useful accessibility applications available for the Android device.

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