Monday, July 18, 2011

Audio Note Taking: Pulse Smartpen

The image of Pulse Smartpen Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is a helpful tool for anyone. It is a note capturing device that conbines the use of a pen with a built-in digital recorder and special dot matrix paper. It can make taking notes, making a list, or planning an essay much easier. The Smartpen records what you or anyone else says while you are writing.

I found this pen very useful when taking notes for a lecture. I always have a hard time writing down everything my professors say because they can talk faster than I can write. When using the Smartpen I am able to just write key words or sentences and later listen to that key point by just tapping the word on the matrix paper with the pen. It also helps with class participation to be able to follow the lecture instead of focusing on capturing everything that was said by hand.

This pen would be helpful for individuals who don’t write fast or write legibly. Individuals who have difficulty with spelling or just want to be able to connect what was actually said at the time the note was written will also find it to be a helpful tool. The Pulse Smartpen could also be used as a memory aid by using audio recording with written cues. If someone cannot remember what a written note was regarding they can listen to the recorded audio to trigger their memory. Your notes and audio can also be uploaded to your computer so you can save and replay them as often as you need. The Smartpen is Mac and PC compatible.

If you're a Washington resident interested in borrowing the Pulse Smartpen to try at school, work or home, visit the WATAP Assistive Technology Lending Library.

Written by Julia Ladner

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