Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 Holiday AT Buying Guide Webinar

Register now and join us for a free webinar on Nov. 15th to learn about adaptive gizmos, gadgets and practical ideas that make great gifts for people of all ages this holiday season. We will be going over both low-tech, cost effective devices to more high-tech and expensive gadgets. The webinar will include a range of mainstream devices (items that may not be specifically designed as AT) and others will be actual AT products. WATAP's AT Specialists will explore devices for people with a range of functional needs and abilities that will make great small gift ideas to fabulously wrapped presents with a bow. Please join WATAP and the Washington Access Fund on November 15th, from 10:30am-noon for a gift guide webinar on assistive technology.
Do you have suggestions for AT gifts this holiday season? Visit our Facebook page ( to post suggestions you’d like to see shared in the webinar. Or, submit your suggestions while registering for the webinar by emailing Leann at:, or by phone at (206) 328-5116 or TTY (888) 494-4775.

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