Thursday, August 9, 2012

The 20th Annual Governor's Employer Awards Program

The Governors Committee on Disability Issues and Employment is honoring businesses and agencies that demonstrate exemplary hiring practices for people with disabilities through its Employer Awards Program. The Awards program recognizes employers for their proactive and positive practices bringing more visibility to the value of hiring people with disabilities. Our goal is to spotlight the great work being done across the state to raise awareness on the increasing number of persons with disability who have been successful in seeking and maintaining employment.
In addition, the GCDE is also recognizing an individual with a disability who has exhibited outstanding leadership. The Governors Trophy in Memory of Carolyn Blair Brown will be presented to an individual with a disability who has significantly enhanced the empowerment of people withdisabilities. This year, 2012, will be the 20th Governors Employer Awards Program. Winning nominees will be honored in a celebration in Olympia in fall 2012. With the attached materials, we ask you to join us in recognizing leaders in thedisability community and employers by nominating private, nonprofit, and government entities that show, by example, the use of best practices in recruiting, hiring, retaining and promoting individuals with disabilities. The nomination deadline is August 30, 2012. Electronic applications should be submitted to:
People with disabilities are a tremendous resource and we are proud torecognize their many contributions. Thank you for all that you do supportworkers with disabilities and for your participation in the nomination process.

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